Elafonissi is located 76km west of Chania in the southwestern most point of Crete. Elafonisi is an oblong, which often "breaks" in two parts by water giving the impression of being a separate island.

Elafonissi is a “Natura 2000” protected area. The island is full of dunes with sand lilies and junipers (like-cedar trees). The endangered turtles Caretta-Caretta and several rare animals nest on the island and it is strictly forbidden to remove any plants, animals from the area. Exotic beach with white sand and turquoise waters, reminding of the Caribbean, are formed on either sides of the peninsula. The sand is pinkish in many places, taking its color from thousands of broken shells.
Near the “breaking" point of the peninsula, the water does not exceed 1m, creating a small lagoon, ideal for children. You can easily cross the lagoon in order to reach the “island”, having your stuff with you, because the water is very shallow there. The eastern side of the beach, in front of the lagoon, is well organized and has the most people. There are umbrellas, showers, lifeguards, snack bars and changing rooms. TripAdvisor website has rated Elafonissi as the 11th Best Beach in the world for 2019.

Ag. Sophia Cave
Built at a height of 80m from the main road that crosses the Topolia Gorge, this church is rich in history and traditions that date back to the battles of Cretans against their conquerors (the Venetians and Turks).
Cretan soldiers, who had fought at the siege of Constantinople, carried the icon of Saint Sophia on their way back to Crete. The icon was found wedged inside a rock inside the cave. It is 10m wide and 20m high.
Magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and pillars cover the largest part of its surface. Neolithic shells and a previously unknown species of insect that was named Spermophora Topolia were discovered in this cave.


> 2nd Best Beach in Europe/11th Globally (Trip-Advisor)
> Swim in the Crystal Clear Waters
> Walk on the warm Pink Coral Sand
> Explore the Cave of Agia Sofia

TIMETABLE (Indicative)


Pick-Up from Hotel/Accomodation/Pick Up Point


First Stop at St. Sophia Cave


Departure from the Cave


Arrival at Elafonissi Beach (stay approx. 4 hrs)


Departure from Elafonissi.
On the way back, possible stop at Local Village (Optional Lunch)


Arrival at your Hotel/Accomodation/Pick Up Point


To Know

Please note that Rubbish disposal and taking seashells from the Beach is strictly prohibited

To Bring

1) Sun Cream (a lot!)
2) Sunglasses and Hat
3) Long-Sleeved Shirt for Sensitive skin
4) Swim Suit and a Beach Towel!


1) Pick-up/Drop-Off
2) Guiding
3) Air-Conditioned Luxury Bus
4) Full Liability Insurance



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